Can I Use Mountain Biking Shoes for Road Biking?

I have a mountain bike and road cycling shoes. Can I use the mountain biking shoes for my road bike? Many people wonder if they can switch between the two types of riding with just one pair of boots, but it’s not as easy as you think. Let’s go over some pros and cons to see what we need to know about using both at once.

Learn which types of shoes are better suited for different styles and disciplines by reading this article.

Can I Use Mountain Biking Shoes For Road Biking?

Yes, mountain bike shoes can be used for road biking. The main advantage of using mountain bike shoes is that they are less expensive than road bike shoes. Additionally, mountain bike shoes tend to be more durable than road bike shoes.

The main disadvantages of using mountain bike shoes for road biking are that they are heavier and may have less grip than road bike shoes. However, these disadvantages are negligible. Overall, off-road shoes are a good choice for most recreation riding.”

Reason for Wearing MTB Shoes for Road Cycling Shoes

Mountain biking shoes are made out of more durable material. They can be hotter because they have less breathable shoes and fewer holes throughout the material. MTB shoes produce more hot spots on the feet than road shoes.

The stiffness of MTB shoes dissipates power into the flexibility of the shoe.

Road pedals have a larger platform which means there is more surface area to place power into and you can produce more watts. MTB shoes are heavier than road shoes. Being comfortable is critical to getting stronger on your Mountain Bike

What are the differences between mountain biking and road biking?

Mountain biking and road biking are two different types of bike riding. In road biking, your feet stay relatively stationary when riding.

However, with mountain biking, as you are traveling over rough trails, your entire body, including your feet, will move. As a result, road bike shoes and mountain shoes are designed differently.

Mountain bike shoes have aggressive treads to grip the pedals and provide traction when walking on slippery surfaces. The soles of mountain bike shoes are also stiffer than road cycling shoes to provide more support while pedaling over bumpy terrain.

In addition, mountain bike shoes often have a higher ankle collar to protect your ankles from rocks and roots. Finally, mountain bike shoes come in both clipless and platform versions. Clipless mountain biking shoe is not designed for walking long distances.

Road cleats have a round hole while mtb cleats have a cross pattern. These differences make it easier to release from a pedal with a road cleat than a mtb cleat

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using mountain bike shoes for road biking?


Mountain bike shoes have a number of advantages over road shoes. They are generally more comfortable, as they are designed to be worn with mountain bike pedals, which have a larger surface area.

This allows for more contact between the pedal and the shoe, providing greater stability and comfort. Mountain bike shoes are also sport-specific and better suited for off-road riding.

They feature a stiff sole that is ideal for walking on uneven terrain and provide good traction on the wet or muddy ground. In addition, mountain bike shoes are more durable than road shoes and can withstand the rigors of off-road riding.

Finally, mountain bike shoes are versatile and can be used for a variety of activities other than just biking, such as hiking or trail running.


There are several disadvantages to using mountain bike shoes for road biking. The shoes can be hotter because they are not as breathable.

The shoes can be fewer watts efficient because they are not as stiff. The shoes can have less surface area to power the pedals, which can make them heavier than road shoes.

Most Recommended Mountain Bike Shoes for On and Off-Road Conditions

There are many different types of mountain bike shoes on the market, and it can be hard to decide which ones are right for you. Here are some of the most recommended mountain bike shoes for on and off-road conditions:

Scott MTB Elite BOA trail shoes: These shoes are a good choice if you’re used to riding in muddy, wet conditions. They have a stiff carbon sole that works well as a road shoe.

Can I Use Mountain Biking Shoes for Road Biking?

Cambion: This is a lower-end shoe but still has the same stiff carbon sole that works well as a road shoe.

SSR Multisport Shoe: This is another great option from the same brand. It’s a bit more expensive but has features that make it worth the price tag.

Can I Use Road Biking Shoes For Mountain Biking?

It is not recommended to use road biking shoes for mountain biking because they are not made to withstand the same amount of wear and tear.

Mountain bike pedals and shoes are a good choice for most recreation riding because the recessed cleats mean you can walk without damaging them or slipping on a store’s hard floor and pitching headlong into the Twinkie display.

Does shoe weight affect cycling speed?

There is a lot of debate as to whether or not shoe weight affects cycling speed. Some people believe that a lighter shoe will make you faster, but this is not always the case. It is important to find a durable and comfortable shoe with good support before looking for gains in weight.

Can I put MTB cleats on road shoes?

No, you cannot put MTB cleats on road shoes. The reason is, MTB cleats have a cross pattern while road cleats have a round hole.

When you put on road shoes, it provides your feet with better support in the bike pedals than using road shoes with an aerodynamic design. However, the main advantage of wearing MTB shoes and cleats is walking.

Do lighter cycling shoes make a difference?

Yes, lighter cycling shoes make a difference. The main purpose of cycling shoes is to provide a good grip on the ground and to transfer power from the rider’s legs to the pedals. However, they are not designed for extended walking.

There are three types of cleats that road cyclists can use- a three-hole cleat, a two-hole cleat, or a pedal compatible with both types of cleats.

For maximum performance and efficiency, cyclists should use stiffer soles and the lightest shoes. If you commute or bike tour often, you may want to consider a two-cleat mountain bike shoe or city cycling shoe.


In conclusion, you can use mountain biking shoes for road cycling if you want, but it is not recommended because of the footwear’s special features that are specifically designed for an intense bike ride.

Road shoes are very stiff with wooden insoles; it distributes the pressure to the entire surface of the feet, making them more comfortable and appropriate for longer cycling.

Both shoes are designed for different purposes, and with plenty of options available, it makes perfect sense to buy road shoes for road cycling and MTB shoes for mountain biking.

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